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About The Artist: Michael Grubb 

           Michael Grubb, also known as Mike Grubb , is an American artist who is recognized for his colorful  paintings and vibrant pieces of art.  Michael has sold his art throughout the world in places such as South Africa, the United States, the U.K., Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico, Asia, and Canada. He has also been featured in magazines, news papers, articles, and blogs in the United States.

           Michael was influenced by some of the greatest painters when he was a young artist. His art reflects a variety of emotions that can capture the essence of life in each painting. His artwork comes from a combination of many different styles of artwork. He has decided not to make a particular Niche but to rather combine and work with various styles and mediums of artwork. He paints what he feels and see's in the world. Whatever crosses his mind is beautifully etched into his styles of art.

     His artistic journey began at around age 8 or 9  where his mother and grandmother realized his talent and insisted he pursue it in some way. Michael was enrolled in a local art studio where he was advanced to the adult section by age 10. Michael' s earliest pieces of art were realistic paintings and drawings of people and animals. At about age 10 he began to sell his work to family and friends around Ohio. Michael' s talent had brought his art to fairs, galleries, and numerous events where he would go on to win a great majority of art awards.

     At the age of 23, Michael suffered a devastating illness that left him totally disabled for several years, impacting not only his artwork, but his entire life up to that point. Michael suffers from a rare Neurological movement disorder called Dopa-Responsive Dystonia. Michael has since over come much of the illness through treatments and help from his doctors and therapist's. After several years of hard and painful therapy, he is now functioning normally with little residual effects. His entire life has been impacted by his condition and has changed him as a person. Michael hopes to change people with his story and he hopes to impact the lives of many with his work. Aside from being an artist, he hopes to peruse other avenues to help others in need of desperate hope.
     As for now, Michael currently resides near Cleveland, Ohio, where he produces his artwork in his home studio. He wishes to expand his artwork into various market's and into the lives of millions.

     Michael's recognition as an artist, has successfully lead him into the retail and whole-sale market place after gaining much attention from collectors and Art companies alike. Michael's artwork is licensed with various companies and you can find his artwork in major retailers such as: Wayfair, Wayfair supply, Walmart, Sears, Overstock.com, Ebay, Quil.com, Decor4u, and more!

     Please contact Michael for licensing, prints, and commissioned artwork. Please share his story and artwork with whomever can appreciate the years of effort and inspiration seen in his art!

Thank you for learning about Michael.

“By inspiring your heart, mind, and soul, anyone is capable of creating a masterpiece as beautiful and inspirational as themselves." By: Michael Grubb © All Rights Reserved 2017


To purchase A Piece of His Artwork, click the online store.  Prints are Available at Fine Art America and other web sites as well as through Michael's himself.

"Inspiration can only be accepted by those willing to inspire their mind and heart." By: Michael Grubb © All Rights Reserved 2017

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