Are you or your company considering licensing Michael's artwork to use on your products? There are many pieces of artwork available to consider. To see what is available, Please Contact at ( to set up a meeting.

Michael Grubb Fine Art America
Mike Grubb Fine Art America

 Michael Grubb All My Walls

 Companies Currently Licensed With

Fine Art America - Online Wall art Publisher

All My Walls - Metal Wall Art wholesaler/Retailer

+More to come: Currently Updating this section..

Where can you find Michael's artwork?

In major fine retailers and wholesalers such as:

Copy Right 2016- Michael A. Grubb - Artist

All Pieces of artwork are protected by Copy Right Laws. All Rights Reserved, Michael Grubb (Ohio Based Artist). By law, you must obtain written consent to use any piece of artwork or image. You may not otherwise use in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction, copying, selling, distribution, and so fourth, without consent by Michael Grubb (Artist), is punishable by Law.

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